Monday, April 7, 2014

"Queer Youth Readings"

Free Writing:

I decided to free write for my blog this week. These articles made me think back to Croteau’s article when he discussed media and ideologies, another classmate also picked this out. I want to talk about the representation of queer people in the eye of the public because I felt that it came up in all of the articles and was discussed thoroughly in each. A lot of my classmates also discussed this topic and I think it’s because it’s a big concern and issue that everyone notices, whether they care or not, it’s still visible to society. The media doesn’t always give the best representation of queer population and how it is portrayed isn’t always true. It is sometimes seen as either really negative or really positive. There is never a happy medium and this portrays them as being different than everyone else. The article “Queer Representation and the Media” talked a lot about this. One point that it mentioned is that queer representation has been brought to media’s attention and they are finally noticing it. However, even when it is seen in a positive light, there are still challenges that are brought up like sexuality and actors/actresses that play queer roles have different obstacles than heterosexual roles. This article also talks about representation in the negative light as it stated, “criticism was particularly concerned with negative portrayals of gays and lesbians as sissies, drag queens, butch lesbians, and other groups that didn’t fit into mainstream gender categories.” This is a big issue that arises in the media representation. It is definitely something negative that queer roles are seen as in the media and can be hurtful and also create false stereotypes. I am interested in hearing my classmates view on this topic.

~If you look at my hyperlink for queer, the first definition is very interesting. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts!


  1. I looked at your hyperlink for the definition of queer. It is all negative ranging from strange and odd to spoiled. That's so sad. People loosely use this term as an adjective (like gay is) too without understanding the meaning and how it is a derogatory word.

  2. I looked at your hyperlinked definition of "queer" - I think that it is sad that people in our society do not understand them and see them as different people. Like when it says, "Accept me as any way that I am or am not. Accept me as queer." I don't understand why people label them or see them as a different species...they are still people just like everyone else!

  3. I like how you related this to the croteau reading, I didn't think of that text when I read this so I found that interesting. I also enjoyed your hyperlink that discussed the word Queer. I think that its crazy how negative people are and how loosely the word is thrown around, I think we live in a society that judges way too harshly.

  4. I think your point that "this portrays them as being different from everyone else" is a good connection to our course theme about alienation. The Queer community is definitely already very alienated, so that makes me think a lot about just how alienated Queer Youth must be.